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A New Doctor and a Night Out


I really don’t have anything cool to write about because I can’t do anything very cool because of my arm. So I guess I’ll write about my arm…again.

I went to a different doctor/physical therapist on Friday. My orthopedist referred me to him. I actually know him because he used to dance Salsa at Azucar every weekend. Anyway, I did my research and I had been asking my doctor about getting an ultrasound done on my shoulder (cost: 400 pesos or less than 40 dollars) instead of an MRI (cost: 6000 pesos or more than 500 dollars) to check if my rotator cuff was completely torn. He never seemed too keen on the idea but it’s the first thing this new doctor did, and…so far so good. The tendons he could check are ok. There are a couple of things he couldn’t see because I can’t make the correct movements that would allow him to check yet. However, a week from Friday the bone should be completely healed and I will see him again and he will do another ultrasound.

I am also continuing my public healthcare adventure. I went to the lab and got my blood test done. (If you ever have to get a blood test at IMSS please remember: EVERYONE has an appointment at the lab at 2pm, not just you.) Then I went to another appointment with the family doctor during which she gave me some papers which I had to give to the receptionist. The receptionist then told me to come back a week from Monday to find out when my appointment with the orthopedist would be.

It seems free physical therapy could be many appointments away.

I did have a nice Friday evening. Saturday was our 7th wedding anniversary so Papi and I went out for a relaxing adult evening. First we went to Downtown for dinner. Apparently the chef, John Gray is quite famous. The food was very good, my margaritas were delicious (and strong) and the atmosphere was lovely. The 5 piece Flamenco/Trova group was amazing. We really enjoyed it. After dinner, even though I had a terrible sore throat and was pretty tired (apparently I was getting this cold I have now) we went next door to have a drink at Marakame, which is a really relaxed kind of bohemian type place. We sat on the terrace and had a drink and listened to the funky sounds of the band. My mojito was yummy (and my husband is Cuban so I have had the REAL thing).

Ok, so I guess I did do something cool. 🙂


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June 18, 2004


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