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How to Get a Job in Cancun


A lot of people helped me to get a job in one way or another when I moved here. Some online before I arrived (One of my former bosses actually answered my questions online about living here 18 years ago!) and some after I arrived. Today I would like to share just a little of my insight with anyone who might be considering moving to Cancun.

1. Research research research.

There is way more information online now about moving to Mexico and getting a job than when I moved here. There are many more blogs and forums. Do your research before you ask questions that have been asked a million times. Don’t post something like “I am moving to Cancun and I am looking for a job”. You will never get a job that way and anyone who has moved here and done all of their own legwork to find a job is just going to be irritated by you. These Facebook groups are a great resource…

Cancun Expats

Cancun Expats & Friends

2. Plan plan plan.

Don’t leave any debts behind. I sold my (paid for) car to pay off my credit card debt. Have some money saved, at least a few thousand dollars. Have one credit card for emergencies. Make lists of what you need/want to bring and use a calendar to keep track of when you need to have certain things done.

3. You’ve got three options, teach English, sell timeshares or work in a call center.

This isn’t 100% true, but it’s probably 90% true. Unless you have a contact or friend here, these are your best opportunities to get a job. There is a possibility of getting an entertainment job in a hotel as well, but you aren’t going to get a job as a bartender, waiter or front desk clerk, these jobs are reserved for Mexican nationals. Many foreigners start in the positions I have mentioned, and as they find their sea legs or their Cancun legs as it were, they start to make friends and contacts and become aware of other opportunities. When I moved to Cancun it wasn’t common, but these days, if you already have a job and work remotely you won’t have to worry about finding employment.

4. You may not have to speak Spanish or submit a resume in Spanish.

My first job here was teaching English at Harmon Hall and they didn’t want us to speak one word of Spanish to the students… perfect! If you are applying for a job where you will be mostly speaking only English you will probably not need a resume in Spanish. I have never submitted a resume in Spanish for any of my jobs here.

5. You will need permission to work.

This is much more difficult than it was when I moved here. Mexico’s immigration laws have changed a lot since I wrote this post. It is now all but impossible to come to Cancun and change your tourist visa to a work visa. In other words, you must be hired from your country of origin. It is important to research the new laws before considering a move to Cancun.


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