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Living in Mexico Part 7


A few weeks ago there was a large broken cable hanging off of the sort of tangle of cables that comes together on the pole in front of our house. It didn’t look safe but hey, I wasn’t going to be touching it so I wasn’t too worried about it.

A couple of days later my friend, my son and I came home and CFE (the electric company) was there fixing it.

Then, about a week and a half ago at about 4:00am on my husband’s birthday we heard a huge “BOOM” and the electricity went out. (You really notice it when the air-conditioning suddenly stops). Normally when this happens it comes back on 1-2 minutes later. Actually, that happened just a couple of days ago. However this time, it did not come back on.

I immediately thought of my husband’s birthday cake which was hidden in the fridge. I was pretending I had forgotten his birthday and was going to surprise him in the morning before I went to work. When Bebé and I went in to wake him up we would bring him his card (which was “signed” by Bebé) and the cake. Anyway, I thought the cake would probably be ok since everyone was sleeping and nobody would be opening the fridge.

Normally when my little one wakes up I turn on the air in the sala (living room) give him his milk and then strap him into his high chair to watch videos with Cheerios on his tray. (Say what you will, how else am I supposed to get ready for work while making sure he’s safe?)  Well this morning, no air-conditioning, no videos. Next, I normally have my coffee. Well no electricity = no coffee maker = no coffee. Fine…how bad could it be?

This is when the birthday plan went awry.  Bebé was not happy when he got up. He was probably hot. He didn’t want his milk and he was crying when I took him out into the sala. So then, my husband came out! (He normally stays in bed for as long as possible, ie, until I leave for work.) I ran over with crying Bebé and tried to get him to give Papi the card. He didn’t even want to hold it. Fine, here’s your birthday card. Then I gave Bebé to Papi and went to get the cake and put the decorations on it. While I was doing that Papi started to walk into the kitchen so I yelled “Get out!” lol Anyway, had him sit down on the couch, I gave him his cake and right before I could snap the birthday picture, Bebé tripped and his chin landed on the cake. WHATEVER! HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY! Lol Papi said, “I thought you had forgotten.” Yeah, that was the idea.


The almost perfect cake a lo Cubano.


Then Papi went back to bed, and Bebé sat in his chair for a bit playing with toys (I have no idea how or why). When I was finished getting ready for work I was soaked with sweat and my head was starting to hurt and I felt like I was in a coma like state. Guess I’m really addicted to that one morning coffee.

When it was finally time to leave for work (Thank God! And a stop at Starbucks!) I left Bebé and Papi in the sauna and went down to my car. My neighbor informed me that some guys had scaled the pole and torn down the electric cables. She saw them do it (obivously for the second time if you remember the first line of this post). They tell me folks do this to steal TINY amounts of copper wire to sell. Great. Enjoy your 20 pesos (2 dollars).

Anyway, this woman is the best neighbor in the world. Others might call her crotchety but I don’t have loud parties so she likes me. She calls the city about any problems on our street and she keeps her property spotless. Not to mention she loves my Bebé.  Anyway, she said she had been trying to call the electric company (the automated response system kept hanging up on her) and asked me to try as well. I tried from work all morning but the same thing happened to me. I was able to report it by internet and even got a response in the afternoon. However, I wasn’t that worried, I KNEW Neighbor Lady would find a way to contact them. And she did. And we had “luz” (light) by the time I got home. Sweet air-conditioning and children’s videos!

CFE had to come back a few days later because when they fixed our luz they didn’t reconnect the streetlight (looked scary at night without it). I didn’t even call about it. I knew Neighbor Lady would be on top of it, and she was.

Here they are fixing the streetlight (once they figured out how to get that lift to go up…that was hilarious to watch).


I like how most of the guys stand in the shade and watch.


Long live La Luz!


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