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Physical Therapy…OUCH!


I have just completed my first (and I was hoping last but alas) five sessions of physical therapy for my dislocated shoulder and fractured arm (humerus). Interestingly enough, I am told I can barely raise my arm not because of the dislocation, not because of the fractured bone, but because of the immobilization. Seems not using your arm for six weeks does a lot of damage.


dislocated shoulder fractured humerus after 9 weeks

Getting there!


My arm is weak, very weak. I can lift it higher than I could immediately after I took the immobilizer off, but I can’t lift it much higher than my shoulder without help. I can’t reach around to my back to fasten my bra. This is why I need physical therapy.

Each therapy appointment consists of some sort of electrode treatment, then ultrasound, then magnets. Next, the bad part…the therapist moves/stretches my arm for me, in all of the directions that it can no longer go on its own. I think I have been very brave. I cried a few times, however I didn’t shout out or tell her to stop, but I think yesterday she told me that I had a low threshold for pain. Screw you Tiny Torture Lady!

After the torture I go to the little gym they have at the clinic to do exercises. I also do these exercises at home. I am supposed to do them three times a day but between work and Bebé I am only able to do them twice. Some are easy and some are not so easy. There is one that I can’t even do. So I go between feeling encouraged by my progress and discouraged by the fact that it is going to be a very long time before my arm is back to normal and that actually, it may never be completely normal again.

Doctor Number 2 gave me an evaluation after these 5 sessions. We noted my improvement and I hoped he’d say I could continue physical therapy in my home (in other words, for free) but he was clear that I need to continue my sessions with the therapist, and I agree with him. So the next step is back to Doctor Number 1 to make sure my fractures are healed enough that we can go harder in my sessions. Looks Tiny Torture Lady is going to find out exactly how high my pain threshold is.


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