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Moving to Cancun E-mail Number 17


This is an e-mail I sent out during a fun yet tumultuous time during my first year in Cancun (which I thought would be my only year in Cancun).

My cousin from Germany left Sunday. We had a BLAST. She is known as “La Prima” (The Cousin) throughout all of Cancun! I am of course “La Guera” (The Blond). I suppose that this is better than “Barbie”. (I was recently thinking about how much I miss my cousin. She now has a daughter about the same age as my son. I think our visit would be very different this time around!)

Salsa update: I can teach a class whenever I want at El Shrimp Bucket. I gave a class to a tourist group last week with a mic and everything. It was great! They had problems with a previous teacher, so they pretty much offered me free food and liquor whenever I “work” instead of a regular job. It’s better this way. Going to a bar seven nights a week could take it’s toll…especially when I get free drinks and I have to get up at 5:15am every morning. Anyway, they said it’s “my house” and that I can do what I want when I want! (That job turned out to be so much fun, my friend and I drank A LOT of their beer and tequila. I also starting singing there.)

Teaching English update: Harmon Hall…I start teaching June 4, but I train until then. Training has been a little difficult because I still have the other job, but HH will be a more interesting and more challenging place to be. Tonight I am quitting the original job. My best friend arrives tomorrow and another friend on Thursday. I can’t handle everything at once. Besides, yesterday they figured out my pay incorrectly and they have totally screwed up my work papers. Natalie (another teacher) actually has a deportation notice! Thank God the woman at Harmon Hall is helping me to straighten this out. Probably the worst thing that could happen is that Natalie and I may have to go to Belize for lunch one day to get another tourist visa. (You have to leave the country and then enter again.) Anyway, that place is STRESSING me out.

So, I will have to use some of my savings, but I will save my sanity. Hopefully the immigration stuff turns out ok. They would have to drag me kicking and screaming out of Mexico!



Stay tuned: Turned out they almost did throw me out!

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