What am I still doing in Cancun?

The adventures of an American single mommy working and playing in paradise.

Riding out Hurricane Rina in Cancun



Final Update…Friday:  Things got a little scary last night. Yesterday the hotel Papi works required him to go to work. He doesn’t finish until about 11:45pm. He called and I jolted awake when my cell phone rang. He said he was on his way home. I told him the electricity was out and I looked outside and…flashback to Wilma…no streetlights, palm trees blowing wildly and that sound…oh how I hate that sound. Obviously Rina could not compare to Wilma by any stretch of the imagination, but I suddenly felt vulnerable alone in the house with Bebé. Although I was scared, I told Papi that he should absolutely not try to drive home. I got the flashlight and a candle and went to sleep with Bebé. I messaged a friend who lives on the beach. She didn’t answer. Bebé could probably feel my nerves and woke-up. We were awake for more than an hour but then it was over…the thunder, the lightening, that sound, and we were able to go back to sleep.

This morning my 10 minute drive to work was quite uneventful. There were already workers clearing the fallen branches. Cancun should be spic and span by tomorrow!

I feel a little silly for making fun of Rina and being almost anxious for her to arrive after waiting for so long. I am very grateful and happy she didn’t hit as a hurricane. Just that little dose was enough to remind me just how scary severe weather can be.

7:54pm Bebé is sleeping. (YES!) If this is Rina, I’m not impressed. Signing off and out. Good night!

6:25pm Is it possible Bebé and I might actually make it through this day? He is eating spagetti? More of my award winning coverage of Tropical Storm Rita: It’s raining a little and the wind is blowing a little.

2:27pm Going stir crazy. No rain, no wind. Trapped in the house with a toddler who is throwing tantrums. Help!!!!!!!!!

11:13am Rina is a tropical storm now. What a sissy!

8:48pm Gas truck went by, but not the kind that sells individual tanks.

8:07am Watching a Barney video. No rain, no wind. Worried about spending the entire day in the house with Bebé.

6:34am  Got up. (Bebé gets up early.) No wind, no rain. Just checked The Weather Channel and Rina isn’t here yet. I guess that explains the no wind, no rain thing. Going to drink my coffee. Was able to resist cookies last night.

9:59pm Closed all of the window. No rain, no wind. This is just weird. Hoping Papi doesn’t have to drive home in a hurricane. Going to bed. Buenas noches!

8:57pm Watched Ice Loves Coco. Very worried about myself because I liked it. No rain, no wind. Trying not to think about the cookies I bought for our Hurricane Survival Kit.

8:31pm Bebé is sleeping. It’s still not raining, no wind. Wondered why there was no hot water for Bebé’s bath. We ran out of gas. Interesting, because the other day when the plumber repaired the broken boiler the tank was almost full. Tried not to scream swearwords. Took a freezing cold shower. Doubt the gas truck will be coming around tomorrow!

6:47pm Bebé eating dinner. It’s not even raining. lol

5:03pm It’s that time again folks…hurricane time! No sooner than I had said to a friend “We didn’t even have any close calls this year,” Rina became a hurricane.

Someday I will talk about my Hurricane Wilma experience. (No muy bueno.) Wilma kind of turned me into a hurricane expert, so I am totally prepared. I have two large garafones of drinking water, food that doesn’t need to be refrigerated, and I have brought the few things that were outside, inside. This evening I may fill all garbage cans and buckets with tap water, which can later be used to flush the toilet, take a bath, or brush our teeth.

The government ordered all schools and daycare centers to close, so I had to leave work early today in order to get home to take care of Bebé before Papi left for work. Once I got home Rita became a category 1 hurricane which was great news.


Shortly after I got home it poured rain but it really hasn't rained much since then.

Bebé is ready!

Stay tuned…if possible (if we have electricity) I will keep you posted on our Hurricane Rita experience.



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