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Visiting the Cuban Side of the Family


Last weekend Papi, Bebé and I went to visit Papi’s parents, daughter, and his daughter’s mother. We have visited before, once when Bebé was 6 months old and for his 1st birthday. However, this time was even better because he can communicate more and recognized everyone. He was LOCO for his big sister, which touches me so deeply I could cry right now just thinking about it. Besides that, I don’t have a lot to say about the trip. I think the pictures will speak for themselves.


Playin' the guitar with Abuelo.


They don't look happy to be together do they?


I had to be in at least one picture.


He wanted her to carry him at all times.


Abuela and Tia watching their novela.

Carry me again!


El Capitolio.

Calle Obispo.


A bookstore.


Like brother like sister.


Was really worried this guy was going to fall in.


She has always loved El Malecon.


We though he would be terrified but he loved it!


The classic cars you have heard about.


I thought we might go home in this pretty one but it was too expensive.


Bebé and my second favorite Cubanito, Marlon.


Saying "adios" is never fun, but it's worse at 5am.


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