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A Cancun Christmas


No snow, but it was a very Merry Cancun Christmas this year, because Mom is here!

On Christmas morning Bebé got one gift out of his stocking (a Barney DVD) too keep him busy until Papi got up. Once he did, the gift frenzy began. I was really excited about this year since Bebé understands more and can open his own gifts.


small artificial Christmas tree

Small and artificial but loved.


2 year old Christmas gift

Perhaps another Barney DVD...?


Bebé’s favorite gift by far…


2 year old tricycle

Sweet ride!


baby and dog

Bebé loves having Spikey around.


My lovely friend asked us over for Christmas day and she was cooking so we were IN! Of course Papi had to work so Mom, Bebé and I headed over to her house in the afternoon armed with 4 bottles of wine. (We really like wine.) Her son, husband, suegros (oops sorry, in-laws) and another couple and their daughter were also there so it was a fun, large group.


Christmas tree

Their Christmas tree is bigger and better than ours.


I'm sweating from wine she is sweaty from wine and cooking.

Cancun Christmas dinner

Almost time to eat!


Christmas dinner

Yum! I ate it ALL.


Wake up angel you're missing dinner!


Everyone but Sleeping Beauty and I.


Goofy boys hiding after dinner until...


Boo! I rip away the curtain!

Time for dessert...YUM!

It was a wonderful Cancun Christmas. Hope you had a wonderful one too wherever you were.



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