What am I still doing in Cancun?

The adventures of an American single mommy working and playing in paradise.

Our Day at La Playa Xpu-ha in the Riviera Maya


On Sunday we escaped Cancun for the day and drove a little over an hour to La Playa Xpu-ha Beach Club, which is south of Playa del Carmen. We had never been there before so it was kind of a little adventure. We found it without any problems and as we pulled into the dirt road entrance we were stopped by a rope and a little boy who charged us 25 pesos (about 2 US Dollars) per person (Bebé didn’t have to pay) to enter. If we spent at least 100 pesos at the beach club (Um, no problem there!) we would get our money back when we left.


Almost there.


After we parked and walked through the restaurant to the beach club, this is what we saw…




Of course we grabbed the best seats in the house, two lounge chairs and an umbrella right on the shore. As soon as we got settled a waiter came to inform us that you had to RENT the first row, for 250 pesos! What a rip off! No wonder most of them were empty.


We told him forget it and moved back a row. Papi was pretty irritated but Bebé didn’t seem to mind.


The expensive seats.


This is the best Mommy!


A little while later, Bebé met some friends. He was so happy to have someone to play with.


Can I play with you chicas?


I love to play with Papá too.


Next, it was time for Mommy to make some new friends! All they did was buy me a tequila and I moved all of our stuff over by them and hung around for the rest of the day! LOL


Mommy's new Canadian friends. Please move to Cancun!


Then, as if we weren’t having enough fun…the live Salsa group started! Bebé and I went to check ’em out.


Nothing better than live Salsa music on the beach.


Bebé was sizin' up the group. His papá is a musician after all.


It never rained but it was raining somewhere!


We were hoping the day would never end, but eventually the Canadians and the band started packing up. Papi went to chat with the musicians and Bebé went to play with their equipment.


Future percussionist?


Finally it was time to say goodbye to our new friends (After one more tequila…Dios mio!) and head home so that poor Papi could go to work.


It was a good day Mommy.



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