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Carnaval Cancun 2012


Hola! It’s Carnaval time all over the world, as well as in Cancun. My favorite part of Carnaval has always been the parade. This post is not going to have a lot of pictures because it is really difficult to take photos of a parade (um yeah it’s constantly moving) at night with a regular old non-professional camera! However, I managed to get a few nice ones.




I LOVE the costumes...want one!


Latinas...they learn how to shake it early!


More great costumes...


When he wasn't dancing and clapping his mouth was open in awe.


La Reina!


The Sol float.


We really enjoyed the parade, although I wish it would have been longer. Who knows maybe Bebé will be in it someday, or maybe someday I will squeeze into one of those costumes and be in it myself!


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