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Crococun Zoo in Cancun: What got into me?


Croco Cun


Crococun is a zoo about 30 minutes south of Cancún. My friend and I got some free passes so we took our boys on a Saturday afternoon. The cool thing about Crococun is it’s interactive, you can feed many of the animals and many of them just live there, they aren’t confined. Some were rescued as well.

I am most definitely not a snake, alligator, etc. kind of person, but ever since I went ziplining…I have felt a little crazy…like I can do anything! So I held a baby alligator, and a snake. Yikes!


zoo Cancun


Since I wasn’t afraid (or at least I didn’t appear to be), Bebé felt pretty comfortable around the animals and touched many of them. His favorites were the monkeys, who take banana right out of your hand, and the deer, because they are completely tame and you can feed them!


Croco Cun monkeys


zoo Riviera Maya


This doggie is a Mexican Hairless Dog or a Xoloitzcuintli. I used to think they were kind of gross looking but now I love them. They are very sweet dogs. This one was named “Guera” (White Girl). Many people call me that here so I decided we should have a picture taken together. I love how we are posing the same way. Don’t we look alike?


zoo Cancun


The most interesting part about Crococun is probably the fact that there is a section that visitors can walk through where crocodiles roam free. The guide assured us that they are well fed and used to visitors. I hadn’t heard any news stories about anyone being eaten at Crococun, so we just walked in. Seems kind of crazy now. The boys had their picture taken with a huge croc (Bebé almost sat on him!) and so did I. (Pay attention…that’s not a rock at the bottom of those photos…it’s a huge crocodile!)


Crococun Riviera Maya


Croco Cun Zoo


There were also parrots, lizards, turtles…this is a really fun place to spend an hour or so. It is very clean and well-maintained. I believe we’ll have to make a yearly visit!



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