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A Lovely Visit to the U.S.


Whoa, my last post was in June?

We’ve been busy to say the least. Papi went to Mexico City to start the naturalization process and then to Cuba to visit his family. I got a second job (freelance) and Bebé and I just returned from an awesome (albeit a bit stressful and tiring) visit home. WHEW! It makes me tired just to think about it!

I took tons of pictures, but I can only share a few of my favorites here…


At the cottage…my little patriot! He may be Mexican, but he’s an American too.



The beach in Union Pier, Michigan. It’s not Cancun, but it’s close, except for in the winter of course.



Bebé passed out right on the beach. (Unheard of!) He was exhausted from the previous day of traveling.



Next we headed to Ludington, where I got to spend time with my beloved Mama. Yay!



Ludington is a small town on Lake Michigan. It’s so nice to take a walk by the lake in the evening.



I also got to see both of my brothers at the same time. That hadn’t happened in about 5 years! The little munchkin is one of my nieceys.



Bebé and my nieces adore their uncle.



We also got to see tons of cousins.



Next, we headed to Cascade where my dad and his wife live. Love this goofy picture!



The next stop was Grand Haven where we spent time with my brother, sister-in-law and nieces. Bebé had fun everywhere but he was happiest here.




During last year’s visit, we took a picture of the three kids with the bears my mom made them (each bear has each kid’s initials on the butt…too cute). I brought Bebé’s bear back this year just so we could take another picture. We’re going to make it a tradition.



Last stop, the Windy City (for like 5 minutes). It was Bebé’s first time in the big city.



Sometimes I desperately miss Chicago. I don’t miss the parking though!



It was difficult on Bebé and I to stay in five different homes, but I believe the quality time we were able to spend with family and friends made it worth while. We don’t have any family (from either side) in Cancun, so these visits are very important. We miss everyone already.


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