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Friends and Fun on Isla Mujeres


sunset Isla Mujeres


Last weekend 11 of my oldest and dearest friends flew in from the US to celebrate someone’s 50th birthday (names will be withheld to protect the old). The weekend took months to plan, which may be why it turned out to be simply perfect.

Everyone arrived on Friday afternoon (ran into most of them in Puerto Juarez where you catch the boat to the island…fun) and had a couple of hours to check in and freshen up before the fabulous birthday party on the beach at the Sunset Grill, which happened to be just steps from our hotel, Privilege Aluxes. (We had a huge suite with an enormous balcony…score!).

I brought along a girl from the daycare to be Bebé’s “nanny” for the weekend (I’m so fancy) so he could still come along but Mami could still enjoy all of the adult dinners and events. It worked out so well. She did a great job and Bebé had a blast! As usual, poor Papi had to work most of the weekend but he was able to join us on Friday night.

Anyway, back to the birthday party…this was out table! It was just steps from the water…


Sunset Grill events


Sunset Grill private events


I was really worried about the weather (meanwhile I kept assuring all of my friends that it would be fine) and it turned out to be perfect. In fact, the clouds helped to create what was probably the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen in my life.


Sunset Grill Isla Mujeres


During and after sunset, everyone really started to relax and have fun…


Sunset Grill parties



Sunset Grill events



Sunset Grill private events


Oh, did I mention that we hired our very own steel drum band? They are called Secreto Maya. I had originally suggested something more Mexican, but when my friends threatened to go to Jamaica, I found them #%^@* steel drum band. 🙂


steel drum band Cancun


We had grilled lobster for dinner…YUM!


Sunset Grill lobster


We had a wonderful dinner and afterwards we ended up hanging out on the rooftop deck of one of the hotel suites (hmmm, I guess we ended up there every night). The next morning, it was time for our obligatory whirlwind tour of the island! (Guess who was the tour guide?) But first, we had to pick up our golf carts. We had a reservation because we wanted three large carts. I always rent from Gomar. They are located just steps from the ferry dock across the street and to the right.


rent golf carts Isla Mujeres


rent golf carts Isla Mujeres


rent golf carts Isla Mujeres


After a stop at the turtle conservation farm we made a stop at the best place to take pictures on Isla Mujeres. There are so many of us that you can’t see much of the gorgeous view!


Isla Mujeres lookout


Next we checked out Punta Sur and then headed to El Varadero de Oscar for lunch. They don’t have a website, or a Facebook page, or a Twitter account…but the food was fantastic! Don’t miss this place. It’s on your right leaving downtown on the way to Punta Sur. The carved wooden chairs sit almost in the street, but you can also sit out back by the small marina.

That evening we enjoyed sunset on the roof…Bebé tried out a new picture face…



These are two of my favorite people in the world… :’)



Then it was time to head to Lola Valentina for dinner. They don’t have a website either (tisk tisk) but they do have a Facebook page. They feature uniquely flavored (and very strong) margaritas. We only had appetizers because we were stuffed from lunch and appetizers at sunset.

The next day was a “free” day. Some people swam with the dolphins, some people hung out on the beach beds all day, I spent some time at the beach with Bebé and the nanny and when it was time for his nap I had an amazing (and sorely needed) massage. Then I was able to go up to the room to nap…heaven.

That evening, we headed to Rolandi’s  on Hidalgo, the bustling pedestrian street in the heart of downtown Isla Mujeres. The only way to describe this dinner…A TOTAL BLAST! We had delicious salads and pizza, the booze was flowing, and the mariachis were playing. Again…heaven (but much louder).



pizza Isla Mujeres


mariachi Isla Mujeres


We ended up with some very interesting souvenirs during dinner…our moms will be so proud!


tequila Isla Mujeres


After dinner we did some (drunk) shopping and then headed, guess where, to the rooftop deck. The next day it was extremely difficult to say good-bye to my treasured friends, but we had just made more wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

Being a mommy, a wife, an employee, and all the other things I am are very important to me, however last weekend, I just felt like myself, and it was wonderful.



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