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Usher in Cancun…Yeah!


Let me just get this out of the way…Usher is HOT!!!




OK anyway, due to my awesome freelance gig (look for me on the right) I was invited by Newlink (Palace Resorts’ PR firm) to see Usher in concert at the Moon Palace. The event was very well organized, so props to Palace Resorts for that.

Before the concert I attended a VIP cocktail party (poor me) and met some great people from New York, Miami, and even a new friend who lives on Isla Mujeres. (Watch out girl we love to visit Isla!)




I hadn’t been to a concert in ages and it was amazing! I screamed like a teenager (and it felt good). Usher performed practically every one of his hits, and you tend to forget just how many hits he’s had until you hear them all in a row.


Photo: Palace Resorts

Photo: Palace Resorts


Photo: Palace Resorts

Photo: Palace Resorts


Usher is an incredible dancer and so were the 8 back-up dancers (4 guys, 4 girls) that joined him. The stage and set were impressive. I wondered if they had brought it all down on airplanes or trucks. (Does anyone know??) Oh, and did I mention that he is hot? (See, there’s the teenager again.) He’s a great singer too, no lip-syncing or scary off-key notes.

Oh my gosh, if Lenny Kravitz comes to the Moon Palace I’m not sure I could be held responsible for my actions.

OK, I’m done now. 🙂 If you ever get a chance to see Usher in concert, I wholeheartedly recommend that you do so.


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