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Xcaret Mexico Espectacular Night Show


Espectacular indeed!

Although I had been to Xcaret many times before, I had never been to the night show,  so when I had an opportunity to go, I took it! This year Xcaret is saying good-bye to Mexico Espectacular, which has been featured for about 10 years. Soon a new show will make its debut, so I saw it just in the nick of time.

I was really excited for Bebé to see the show. Live performances are the only thing he will sit still for!

We arrived a few hours before the show in order to experience some of the culture, nature and fun that Xcaret has to offer…

First we took a ride on Rio Paraiso (Paradise River).  It was beautiful and peaceful… no motor, just a young man and a long stick. I have no idea how he kept us from crashing into the limestone walls.


boat Xcaret


After checking out some of Xcaret’s wildlife, like monkeys and jaguars, we headed to one of my favorite places, the cemetery. I know it’s sounds strange to say this about a cemetery, but it’s so charming!








Next we visited the aquarium, the jellyfish are always cool to see.




After visiting the sharks and turtles, we checked out the lagoon area and Bebé showed me where we should head next.








Now it was time to head to the horse show. Mexican horsemen and women are called “charros” and “charras”. I love their colorful costumes. Charras ride sidesaddle!







Xcaret’s church sits right next to the area where the horse show takes place. It is breathtaking. I had never been inside!







Finally it was time to head to the night show. There were all kinds of surprises along the way… the Mayan warrior woman below may look tough here, but she couldn’t resist Bebé’s wave and smiled and waved back at him.




Standing guard!




When we arrived at the theater, Mommy got a coffee, and then found some great seats! Before the show candles are distributed to the entire audience. Beautiful!




The show is nothing short of spectacular. I was surprised that I felt a special sense of pride. I have lived in this country for 12 years and I will soon be a Mexican citizen. After all this time I finally truly feel like I am part of Mexico.
















These pictures don’t do the show justice. You must see it live. The music is at times haunting and at others joyful, from the Mayan flute to the drums of Veracruz to the lively mariachi.

I can’t wait to see the new Xcaret Night Show!

A few Xcaret Tips:

If you have small children, bring or rent a stroller. You will do a lot of walking.

If you can, buy a two day pass. There is so much to see.  If not, check out their website and maps and figure out ahead of time what you want to do/see for sure.

Xcaret’s buffets are yummy. Go for the Xcaret Plus package which includes one buffet lunch.



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