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Mommies’ Night Out In Cancun


I cannot believe I haven’t posted since July!

Well maybe I can, things have been pretty crazy here. Bebé started school or “big boy school” as we call it in August. This required a TON of money and school shopping that went on for weeks. He didn’t cry the first day of school (although he clung a bit for the first few days) but Papi and I almost did, and Bebé and I are still trying to adjust to our new schedule.

My birthday was a couple of weeks ago so my friend and I had a Mommies’ Night Out. I had written an article about Cuncrawl, a nightclub crawl, so they gave me two courtesies. Score!


Mandala Cancun


We started by going out to a relaxing child-free dinner at La Playita downtown across the street from Plaza Toros. It’s cheap and good. The view from our table was nice.


downtown Cancun


Then we headed to the first bar, Congo. We didn’t have seats but it was OK because we danced a lot. I am only sharing this unflattering picture to show how hot it was. We were sweating like pigs!


Cancun nightlife


We were at Congo for a couple of hours, and then we headed across the street to Mandala.


Cancun nightlife


I was really excited about that because I had never been there. We had a great table right at the front of the club so we could watch everything that was going on inside and outside.


Cancun nightlife


Cancun nightclubs


Cancun clubs


clubs in Cancun


shots Cancun


beer Cancun


The third club on the agenda was Palazzo (formerly Bulldog and before that Christine). At around 2am the tour guide mentioned that we could go to Dady ‘O as well and then head to Palazzo, but my amiga and I were done. We knew our kids would be getting up very early.

I used to be a total party girl, but now the hangovers last longer than the night out and although we had a super fun evening, the next day I told my friend that doing this once a year is enough for me.


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