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Ricky Martin Wins Cancun Over at the Moon Palace




Photo: Palace Resorts


My year ended with a bang… “She Bangs” to be exact! As if seeing Luis Miguel in concert wasn’t enough,  on Saturday, December 28 I had the opportunity to see Ricky Martin in concert, and I got to bring my gurlfriend as well!

I made a special shopping trip for this epic event, and I found the perfect outfit for a Ricky Martin concert… a sparkly jumpsuit. We were invited to a VIP cocktail party before the concert… who knew I was a VIP? It was fancy… lots of drinks (I had five or six delicious mojitos) and delicious hors devours… and oddly enough Krispy Kreme donuts!




Soon it was time to head to our seats and the excitement was palpable. (Plus my friend and I kept saying, “I’m so excited!”) Unfortunately press doesn’t get the best seats in the house, but we had very good seats plus there were huge video screens on the stage. Unfortunately due to the ridiculous amounts of rain we’ve gotten in the last few months the golf course (which is where they concert was held) was a mucky mess… my poor new sandals!

Anyway, once Ricky started we forgot all about our muddy feet and wet shoes! We were a little disappointed with Cancun’s tepid welcome (I noticed the same thing at the Usher concert last year. C’mon people, it’s Ricky Martin!) But Señor Martin worked and worked and left his soul on the stage (as he said he would) until the entire crowd was rocking right along with him.



Photo: Vivo en Cancun




Ricky played all of his hits in Spanish and English. The stage was amazing, and at one point there was a video montage of Ricky doing yoga… naked! (Private parts strategically covered of course.) His male and female background dancers and musicians were of course, top-notch. BTW, Ricky Martin is every bit as good looking as he looks in print and on TV. To quote a comment I saw on Facebook, 42 never looked so good. He made multiple wardrobe changes, as did his dancers. The musicians even changed once. Oh and sometimes he performed barefoot… and then there were the red shoes…





Photo: Vero’s Dad




At one point, a girl actually made it up on to the stage. It was a bit strange. She ran over to him and kind of stood next to him like, “Hi, I’m here.” Security had grabbed her before Ricky barely had a chance to notice. They were already taking her away and didn’t hear him when he said, “No, it’s OK!” He was so going to let that girl hang on stage with him for a bit.

More than one person has asked me which concert was better, Luis Miguel or Ricky Martin? So sorry! Can’t commit… they were completely different, and each unbelieveably awesome in their own way.

I will say though, that Luis Miguel did not do an encore, and Ricky Martin did. That’s just the kind of guy he is.



Photo: Vivo en Cancun


Gracias to Vivo en Cancun, my friend Vero’s dad and Palace Resorts for the photos!


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