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Experiencias Xcaret’s Newest Park in Cancun: Xoximilco


A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit Xoximilco, Xcaret’s newest park. The original Xochimilco (spelled with “ch” instead of “x”) is located in Mexico City.


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It was awesome! But you probably want to know more than that. The “3-hour tour” (hee hee) takes place on gondola-like boats called trajineras.

This is bascially a big fiesta featuring the best of Mexican culture. The tour started with a cocktail party. I had some esquites (a delicious corn dish) and a paloma (tequila, grapefruit soda and lime juice with a salted rim). Heaven!


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Before long it was time to board the trajinera. Each one is named for a different Mexican state. Ours was named “Colima”. I have a terrible memory but I remember the name well because we shouted it so many times. “CO-LI-MA!”


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There was tequila and sangrita (my new favorite) waiting for us on the boat. Plus appetizers and aguas frescas (fresh fruit drinks).




It was a blast right from the beginning.  Each trajinera has a host/captain that leads the group in games, songs, etc. The boat is propelled in the same way that a gondola is, so no nosy motors.


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Each course is delivered by smaller boats that pull up beside the trajineras, so cool! There are other boats that bring beer and soft drinks. There’s even a souvenir boat. The appetizer dish may have been a bit intimidating had it not been for the tequila. (See the grasshoppers and fishies?)


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Nopales, Charales, Chapulines, Tamale & Bolita de Queso Oaxaca


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Throughout the entire tour other trajineras approach that feature different types of traditional Mexican music. There are also “stations” or stages on the banks of the canal that feature live music. There is literally never a dull moment during this tour.

The main courses were absolutely delicious!


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Pescado al vapor con epazote, Cerdo en salsa verde, Pollo en mole, Rollo de res en salsa huitlacoche y queso cotija, Camararons en salsa de tamarindo & Barbacoa de carnero


In case you were wondering, there is a bathroom break. I didn’t take a picture of the bathrooms.


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After the bathroom break dessert was waiting for us. It was scrumptious! I ate all of mine plus some of other people’s. ha

Note: Xoximilco features special menus for children and vegetarians.


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Mexican desserts

Flan de elote, Dulce de leche, Cocada, Jamoncillo de piñon, Alegrias, Obleas & Chocolate de metate de Oaxaca


I would recommend Xoximilco 100% to tourist or locals.  This is a fun evening that showcases the best of Mexico.


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