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A Playa Del Carmen Minibreak Weekend


Wow it’s been a long time since I last posted. Bebé and I have been busy with work and school and exciting things like a new big boy bike and a Spring Festival at school.

Last weekend we were able to escape the routine and spend a weekend in a condominium in Playa del Carmen… and we brought a couple of friends along! The condo was not on the beach, but there was a small (and lovely) rooftop pool and a large inground pool. The condos are very new so there wasn’t really anyone else around.

We spend the first day and a half on the roof. The boys loved it.

Playa del Carmen condominiums


The girls loved it too. (Look amiga, we did get the sunset in this one!)

Mexico bloggers

On Saturday evening, we headed to Playa del Carmen for dinner at Don Chendo (Avenida 30 con Calle 24 y 26). They serve delicious Chicago style pizza and other Italian delights like bruschetta.

Don Chendo Playa del Carmen

Bebé was a bit concerned at first because the pizza didn’t look like the kind he’s used to (you know, Domino’s or frozen lol) but after a few bites he said. “Esta pizza esta muy rica!” (“This pizza is very delicious!”)

Don Chendo Italian Restaurant Playa del Carmen

After dinner we headed to 5th Avenue for ice cream and a stroll but sorry, my camera takes crappy pictures at night!

Before heading home on Sunday we hung out at the big pool. There was a couple there but they left about 30 minutes after we arrived (hopefully not because of us). Score! Private pool!

Playa del Carmen rentals 

Cancun Canuck

It was a much needed albeit short getaway. When we got home Bebé expressed that he wanted to go back to the condo!

I hope everyone likes the blog’s new look!


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