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Living the Rockstar Life at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya


A couple of weeks ago Bebé and I had the opportunity to spend a weekend at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya. (Yes I know, poor us!) Let me tell you, the place seriously rocks! We arrived on Friday and this was our view. Score! Hard-Rock-Hotel-Riviera-Maya-9 Our suite was luxurious, complete with robes and slippers and a personal liquor dispenser (from which I did not dispense one drop), a stocked mini bar (we drank a lot of the water, juice, Diet Coke and beer) and a private balcony with a hydro tub (which we never even used)! The first evening we headed to the Mexican Fiesta which consisted of a buffet and a show (and margaritas). I had the most handsome date of all. Hard-Rock-Hotel-Riviera-Maya-4 After dinner, we went to the lobby to hang out a bit. Bebé found some kids to play hide and seek with, and I drank beer and took some pictures. The lobby is filled with rock memorabilia. Hard-Rock-Hotel-Riviera-Maya-25 Hard-Rock-Hotel-Riviera-Maya-28jpg Hard-Rock-Hotel-Riviera-Maya-6 Then it was time for bed. At home Bebé has his own room and his own bed but he likes it when we are on “vacation” and get to cuddle and sleep together. The king size bed was huge and so comfy. Hard-Rock-Hotel-Riviera-Maya-27 The next morning we awoke excited about our day.

Spoiled! Hard-Rock-Hotel-Riviera-Maya-5 After breakfast Bebé spent a little time at the Little Big Club (will do a separate post about that) while I took some pictures. Look at this place! Heaven! (Which ironically is the name of the adult-only side of the resort.) Hard-Rock-Hotel-Riviera-Maya-13 Hard-Rock-Hotel-Riviera-Maya-7 We spent most of the day at the pool…

This does not suck.

This does not suck.

And then headed to the beach to take out a kayak. The beach is protected by huge rocks so the water is calm and tranquil. This was the single most awesome part of our weekend. We did it both days. I was afraid to take my phone or camera out so unfortunately I don’t have any pictures. Well except for these. 🙂 Hard-Rock-Hotel-Riviera-Maya-2 Hard-Rock-Hotel-Riviera-Maya-3 Bebé was EXHAUSTED after our fun-filled day so we went back to the room to rest before dinner. There was a surprise waiting for us… Hard-Rock-Hotel-Riviera-Maya-17 Pooped! Hard-Rock-Hotel-Riviera-Maya-8 That evening we ate at the Asian restaurant, Zen (YUM) and then saw the breakdance show, which Bebé absolutely loved. When we got back to the room there was another surprise waiting for us… Hard-Rock-Hotel-Riviera-Maya-16 We spent Sunday in pretty much the same way as Saturday, and we would have no problem spending a week or two like this. Plus, BONUS, Bebé learned how to swim underwater while we were there!

I’ll say it again, the Hard Rock Riviera Maya ROCKS! Hard-Rock-Hotel-Riviera-Maya-20


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