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Day of the Dead – Dia de Muertos in Cancun


Dia de Muertos aka Day of the Dead, is my favorite Mexican holiday. Before I moved to Mexico my entire experience with Day of the Dead consisted of an ex-boyfriend giving me a sugar skull, and when I first moved to Mexico the whole thing seemed a bit creepy, you know, with all the skeletons and children dressed as dead people.

However after attending Xcaret Park’s Festival de Tradiciones de Vida y Muerte a few times, I have discovered the joy and beauty of Dia de Muertos. This is not a celebration of death, but of life and the eternal soul. On November 1 and 2 each year Mexicans remember their beloved that have passed by erecting altars in their homes and visiting the cemetary to decorate gravesites, often spending the entire night there.

Each year I visit Mercado 23 (Market 23) in downtown Cancun to buy dulces (candy) and Bebé’s Halloween costume (Halloween is becoming increasingly popular in Cancun each year). This year I bought a little face paint for the festival as well.

And of course, I take lots of pictures.

Paper cross…

Dia de Muertos Cancun cruz

Cute couple!

Dia de Muertos Cancun Mercado 23

I just love these! #tinyfood

Dia de Muertos Mexico

Halloween is present at Market 23 as well.

Halloween Cancun

Sweet homemade deliciousness!

Dia de Muertos Cancun dulces

I always wonder what they do with the leftover goodies.

Market 23 Dia de Muertos Cancun


Dia de Muertos calveras

Marigolds, the official flower of Dia de Muertos.

Mercado 23 Cancun


Catrinas Dia de Muertos Cancun

Mark my words, one of these years, I am going to create altar in our home! (I may have said this last year as well.)

I would also like to share our Halloween/Day of the Dead pumpkin. I was pretty proud of it, but it was rotten and moldy in less than a week. #tropicalproblems

Halloween Dia de Muertos

Bebé’s Halloween costume… it cost a pretty penny but it’s handmade.


A lovely animated feature film about Day of the Dead was released this month. It’s well worth seeing it in the theater.

Day of the Dead movie

Last but not least, this colorful, animated short will make you fall in love with Dia de Muertos too! Grab a tissue!


Stay tuned for the post about this year’s Xcaret festival!


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