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#BridesBoat #Cancun: A Bachelorette Party *hiccup*


Another one bites the dust! My friend and fellow Mexico travel blogger / social media chica Miss (soon to be Mrs.) Jessica Seba aka @MexicanatheartJ is gettin’ hitched! (Well actually she got hitched on Saturday.)

Can you think of a better place to have a Bachelorette Party than in Cancun on a luxury yacht? I can’t!

So last Saturday Jessica and some of her craziest female (and one male) family members and friends, including yours truly and my mommy, boarded the Sea Horse of Sunset Marina Admiral Yacht Club & Marina for a 4 hour cruise. The first order of the day? Mimosas!

Bachelorette party Cancun

tours Cancun

We were a little worried about the weather… it wasn’t that ideal clear day that you’re hoping for when you have outdoor plans, but we got lucky and it didn’t rain. Plus, no sunburn!

We made our way through Nichupte Lagoon and once we got out onto the Caribbean the games began. I must admit, I don’t normally like games at these event-type parties but I really enjoyed them. Jessica’s cousin did a super job.

celebrations Cancun

Dirty cherades was especially fun. @CancunCanuck shows us here… two (dirty) words!

yacht rental Cancun

Had never played the toilet paper wedding dress game before! And my team won!


boat rentals Cancun

Photo: Jessica Seba

The boat was full of social media chicas, so there were a lot of selfies taken… here is @CancunGringa looking gorgeous!

selfies Cancun

And here I am with @BeccaMex…

yachts Cancun

We spent most of the time anchored at the northern end of Isla Mujeres. The island is so very beautiful, even on a cloudy day.

Isla Mujeres

Some of the girls (and the boy) went swimming… here are @CancunGringa and @MarhuBarreto enjoying the clear, shallow water.

North Beach Isla Mujeres

4 hours gave us plenty of time to just hang out and chat too, and of course take lots of pictures and shots… a lot of shots.

@CancunCancun & @MarhuBaretto

Cancun boat tours

@CancunGringa, The Bachelorette @MexicanatHeartJ & @CancunCanuck (and her drink) and I.

Cancun yacht tours

@CancunCanuck & @MexicanatHeartJ

Cancun yacht tours

When it was time to head back the music got louder and so did we. Bye Isla Mujeres!

ocean Cancun

Isla Mujeres

It is really difficult to dance on a moving yacht.

marinas Cancun

I haven’t laughed so hard or taken so many shots in long time. I noticed that in @CancunGringa’s post about the Bachelorette Party, she mentioned that she napped the rest of the day. Some of us had to go home and take care of our kids. But well, she’s pregnant so I’ll have my revenge. 😀

Congratulations Jessica! Thanks for including us in your special celebration!

Photo courtesy of Jessica Seba

Photo courtesy of Jessica Seba



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