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Garrafon Park infinity pool

A Day at Garrafon Park on Isla Mujeres


Last month big sister was here for another visit. I really wanted her to see Isla Mujeres, so we went on the Royal Garrafon VIP Tour which is run by Dolphin Discovery.

Garrafon Park is located on the southern end of Isla Mujeres, close to Punta Sur, the southernmost point of the island and the highest point on the Yucatan Peninsula. It’s also the first place the sun touches the country of Mexico each morning.

The park is built into the side of the island, and the views are absolutely spectacular. It was really windy the day we went, so we didn’t go snorkeling or kayaking, and since I had done the zipline before, I didn’t do that either. But the good thing about Garrafon Park is that it is a place where you can spend the day relaxing and taking in the breathtaking views.

The boat ride to Isla Mujeres is always wonderful.

ferry Isla Mujeres

boat to Isla Mujeres

Garrafon Royal Tour

I really wanted the kids to see Punta Sur, and the Mayan Ruin that is there, so we headed there as soon as we got to Garrafon. It was really beautiful, but it was much farther than I thought and really, really hot outside. There is a bike tour, so that might be a better option next time.



Punta Sur Isla Mujeres

When we got back to the park we went directly to the VIP deck. There is an indoor lounge, a small deck with a pool and a larger deck that is only for adults.

The view from the adults only deck…

Garrafon VIP

Bebé wanted to hang out in the larger infinity pool downstairs so we spent most of our time there.

Garrafon Park infinity pool


I am so proud of myself, I totally photoshopped a guy out of this picture…


There is a buffet restaurant that is included with the tour, but we decided to eat at the snack bar, which serves hamburgers, hot dogs, wings, and the like (also included).

Then Bebé spotted the bungee trampoline. We spent about an hour here!

activities Garrafon Park

It was a little hazy, maybe because it was so windy, but here is a view of the zip lines. They are the only ones in the area that take you over the Caribbean Sea.

Garrafon Park zip line

The Royal Garrafon VIP Tour is a convenient way for vacationers to see a little of Isla Mujeres. Oh and there is beer on the boat ride back to Cancun… score!


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