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Riviera Maya vacation

Maximum Relaxation at Grand Oasis Tulum, The Calm Resort


A couple of weeks ago Bebé and I spent a long weekend at Grand Oasis Tulum (which is actually in Akumal but whatevs).  It took us about 1 1/2 hours to get there so it really felt like we were getting away for the weekend.

Grand Oasis Tulum is an older property, and some areas are newer than others, but we visited during low season and I noticed they were working on renovations and upgrades.

Besides, we don’t need the Ritz Carlton to have a wonderful weekend! Grand Oasis Tulum had everything we needed for a mini beach vacation.  In the chain of Oasis hotels, this one is known as “The Calm Resort”. Now don’t get me wrong, they offer activites day and night, but during the day you don’t hear the blasting music and activities staff screaming over microphones.

The beach is spectacular. There is a reef a few hundred meters off shore where the waves break, so the water is relative calm. We spent hours swimming. There were loads of fish right off shore, literally swimming around our feet. There were a lot of pelicans too, and they were contastly dive-bombing for fish, often just a few feet away from us. It was pretty magical.

hotels Akumal

resorts Akumal

Grand Oasis Tulum beach


Our spot. (Not sure why we have a spot, we never, ever sit down.)


There was a dock with hammocks at the end that was really beautiful. Every day they held yoga classes there. Much of the time the hammocks were unoccupied.

Oasis Tulum beach

Tulum resorts

There are kayaks available but it was pretty windy most of the time we were there so we didn’t get to take one out. The resort offers a free snorkel tour of the reef. Bebé has been practicing but he isn’t ready for that yet.

The pools were basic but nice (And there were three swim-up pool bars!), but they were actually colder than the ocean and since it wasn’t sunny and hot we didn’t spend a lot of time in them.

resorts Riviera Maya

This is a picture of the pool outside of our room taken on the last day when it was sunny (figures).

Riviera Maya vacation

They have tons of beach beds by the main pool.

beach beds

We stuck to our usual resort routine… breakfast – fun – lunch – fun – nap and rest – cocktails (only for mommy) – dinner – show. It works well for us. Bebé can’t make it though the evening without a nap.


Our room was all cleaned up each time we headed there for nap time which was great. Housekeeping does a really good job (you should always tip housekeeping staff, they make very little money) and they even loaned me an iron when I needed one.

The Martini Bar in the lobby was amazing! The cocktails are mixed well and the Cuban pianist is extremely talented. It was so relaxing! I wish I could have spent more time there every evening but we had to get to dinner before showtime.

When I posted this picture of my handsome boy on Facebook during our stay, my sister-in-law pointed out that it might be better to have a bigger drink and a smaller candle. I can’t say I disagreed…


Then, same place, next evening… an even smaller drink, an even bigger candle.

Martini Bar


There is an entertaining show every single night. The food is good and there are a lot of options, especially for Grand guests. I should mention that Oasis Tulum and Grand Oasis Tulum are on the same property but Grand guests receive more amenities. Bebé was happy because they had little boxes of Fruit Loops at breakfast. As usual, the a la carte restaurants were a little better than the buffet, but the buffet offered a lot of choices. There are two coffee shops that serve good coffee drinks. However don’t order the milkshake. It’s not a milkshake. Oh and the house white wine is undrinkable. Yes you heard me right, undrinkable.

The staff was very accomodating. The a la carte restaurants don’t offer a children’s menu, but the chefs always did us a solid and made breaded chicken for us.

The weather wasn’t great, but it wasn’t pouring rain either, so we just made the best of it. It was actually kind of nice to not worry about getting a sunburn and it always seemed to rain at convenient times, like when we were in the room. We really enjoyed our stay!

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