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Cancun’s La Habichuela Downtown, Revisited


I lived here for 14 years without visiting La Habichuela, one of Cancun’s best restaurants. Now I’ve been there twice in one year, and frankly, if I were invited again next week I’d be cool with that.

La Habichuela is a Cancun classic. This restaurant is almost old as Cancun is, but that isn’t why you should dine there. You should dine there because the cuisine, service and ambiance are stellar.

My date for the most recent visit (and actually for the first visit as well) was famous Cancun blogger/friend Kelly McLaughlin of cancuncanuck.com. Our kids were not invited, which was perfectly fine with us. (We love our kids but c’mon everyone deserves a mommies’ night out once in awhile.)

We began with mojitos. ¡Salud!

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The interior of La Habichuela is warm and inviting, but the garden is the place to be. It feels a bit like dining in an ancient Mayan ruin in the jungle, and at dusk, the twinkling lights come on. (Unfortunately they look really blurry when you try to photograph them.)

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I started out with ceviche, because well, I love ceviche. It was awesome, especially after I added a little salsa de habanero.

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I’ve had La Habichuela’s classic dishes before, like the Amaranth Fish Fillet and the Cocobichuela, so this time I wanted to try something new. I went for the Giant Shrimp in Tamarind Sweet & Sour Sauce, and it was absolutely scrumptious.

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There were little surprises throughout, like a sorbet palate cleanser and a Mayan digestif.

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There was really no question about what we were going to order for dessert. We both ordered our favorite dessert of all time, the Kukulkan Pyramid. See the pyramid, the cenote and the serpents? #YUM

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I have also dined at La Habichuela Sunset in the Hotel Zone, and although it was excellent, La Habichuela Downtown has my heart.

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La Habichuela Downtown is located at #25 Calle Margaritas next to Parque de las Palapas.

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