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Another Weekend in Puerto Morelos at Kaam Condos


The Cancunenses have invaded Puerto Morelos once again…

Last weekend we left the big city for some small town charm with my mom, who is visiting from the U.S., and a member of our Cancun family, a close friend’s son.

Of course we stayed at our favorite condos in Puerto Morelos once again, Grupo Kaam Condominiums.

This time we stayed in the yellow building. The KaaNaab building is set up exactly the same as the Je Eleb building, the only differences are the color and decoration. For details about the condos and what they offer, check out my post about our stay at Je Eleb.

Puerto Morelos condominiums

Puerto Morelos rentals with kitchen

Puerto Morelos rentals with pool

Puerto Morelos condos with pool

When we arrived on Saturday, the boys went swimming and we relaxed by the pool and had cold beers. I found out a local secret this time…  there is a tiny store right across the street that sells beer, and it’s MUCH colder than Oxxo’s. Plus, Oxxo is further away!

Cancun bloggers

(Note: Ask the Kaam folks about the family of eagles that live on the tower that you can see from the pool.)

When it was time for dinner we headed downtown to the town square or “zocalo”. (It’s all of 3 blocks away.) There is a very simple playground but Bebé just loves it.

On weekends there is live music, dancing, and stands selling arts and crafts in the square. It’s so charming and relaxing!

Puerto Morelos town square

Puerto Morelos market

Puerto Morelos food

Puerto Morelos artists

Puerto Morelos handicrafts

We had dinner at La Sirena, which faces the town square. The ambiance is nice, especially on the roof (Note: You cannot have dinner up there, only appetizers.) and everything was good. I did find it to be a bit pricey for we locals.

I love this picture of the boys taken on the roof in front of the lighthouse.

Puerto Morelos lighthouse

After dinner we headed back to Kaam to relax before bed.

Although Grupo Kaam offers a free continental breakfast at El Pirata, this time we just brought stuff for breakfast so we could lounge around in our pjs in the morning. I remembered to bring napkins this time too!

On Sunday we headed to the beach. You may or may not have noticed that in the last post, I did not mention the beach. That was because it was covered in seaweed.


Puerto Morelos My Paradise

Oh joy! Not anymore!

We spent a beautiful, wonderful day at My Paradise Beach Club. We love My Paradise because you don’t have to rent the chairs and umbrellas. They require a minimum consumption, but it is very reasonable… 500 per station (two lounge chairs and an umbrella) for the front row and 300 per station for the other rows. Their food and drink prices are reasonable as well. Happy Hour starts at 3:00 pm. Ask for José! He’s awesome. Oh! And there’s no annoying loud music.

Local friends and Bebé’s dad aka Papi joined us.

My Paradise Beach Club Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos beach clubs

It was a perfect day… sunny, warm and breezy… and the boys bought kites!

That evening, we did the town square thing all over again, but this time we ate at Tacos.com, which is located just half a block from the park. It was quaint and inexpensive. I had a vegetarian and two picky boys with me, and they were very helpful with suggestions. We all really enjoyed our meals. We even got a free, impromtu breakdance show during dinner.

After dinner we got ice cream from a place right around the corner from Tacos.com that faces the park may or may not be called Paana e Cioccolato. (That’s the name I found on Google Maps.) Whatever it’s called, the ice cream was great!

Monday morning it was time to head back to the big city, but not without taking pictures at the Puerto Morelos sign, which I forgot to do last time! It’s located right between the town square on the boardwalk or “malecon” and the beach.

Note: Taking pictures in the afternoon when the sun would be facing the sign would be preferable.

There are a couple of other places to take pictures by the main dock…

It was another fun, relaxing weekend in Puerto Morelos with Kaam Condos as the perfect home base.

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