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Puerto Aventuras, It Grows on You!


Since this Coronavirus nightmare began we have been able to take a few roadtrips, including two to Puerto Aventuras, a gated community located between Playa del Carmen and Tulum.

I know what you are thinking, gated community, ugh. I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t think the same thing at first, but Puerto Aventuras has grown on me, and I’m kind of in love with it now.

And who’s to say that every single place has to be the same? You know what they say… variety is the spice of life.

Puerto Aventuras is safe, small, quiet, uncrowded, there isn’t much traffic and you can walk many places.

The only real negative the fact that there isn’t a large grocery inside the gated area.

We recently went to Puerto Aventuras twice in December to visit one of the friends that we met on the beach 9 years ago!

Many years ago his dad and stepmom visited Cancun and attended a presentation in Puerto Aventuras to purchase a fractional ownership condominium (very different from timeshare). The building wasn’t built and most of Puerto Aventuras wasn’t either. I really think they made a wonderful decision and found a gem.

The first time we visited, we spent some time with an old friend of mine (I actually met him 21 years ago, before I moved here) whose son happens to be on Bebé’s soccer team. He told us about an area of the beach we had never been to.

It was amazing, although it’s not that turquoise open-ocean beach like in Cancun’s Hotel Zone, because Puerto Aventuras is located in a cove-like area.

The kids played beach tennis (there are courts set up and people playing every weekend)…

beach tennis in Cancun

…while we hung out on the beach drinking cerveza and chatting.

We all swam in the inlet where boats enter and exit Puerto Aventuras.

inlet Puerto Aventuras

boat tours Puerto Aventuras

After we were there for hours, we walked down the beach to a new friend’s condo. Her view was amazing!

Puerto Aventuras beaches

Puerto Aventuras vacation

When we got home we swam in the pool…

Porto Bello Puerto Aventuras

… before we went out to dinner.

We ate at Hippos because Bebé loves their chicken fingers. Their french fries and nachos are great too. Actually everything was good.

Hippos Puerto Aventuras

dining Puerto Aventuras

Most of the restaurants in Puerto Aventuras are open air. We felt safe and it was easy to social distance.

Top tip: For the best margarita in town, visit Nauti Burro.

We also went to Puerto Aventuras for New Year’s Eve!

After mimosas in our pijamas…

Puerto Bello condominiums Puerto Aventuras

… we spent more time at the beach, this time armed with an umbrella, chairs and a cooler.

Then it was time to get ready to ring in 2021.

We didn’t want to spend the whole evening out, so we just went to Nauti Burro for awhile early, before it got too busy, to listen to some live music, and to have some of those margaritas that I mentioned.

Nauti Burro Puerto Aventura live music

Kristin Busse Mexico writer

The bar was live streaming the music on Facebook, and the microphone was right above us. I joked with my friend that we had better be careful. A little while later, his stepmom texted him and asked if we were at the Nauti Burro, because his dad had heard us on the live stream! We couldn’t believe it!

So then he and Bebé said hello to them!

Nauti Burro Puerto Aventuras Mexico

Then we headed home for our NYE dinner. I don’t know how my friend pulled it off after all those margaritas, but it was delicious!

Poor Bebé fell asleep right before midnight and we went to sleep at 12:05 am.

Our New Year’s Eve breakfast was amazing too!

So now you can see why Puerto Aventuras has grown on me.

Covid update: After going from the yellow stoplight back to the orange stoplight (still irritating since there is no orange light in a stoplight), we are back to yellow. Here’s to staying yellow until we get to green!


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