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orthodontist Cancun

Going to the Dentist in Cancun: Cancun Dental Design


Since it feels a little safer to get out these days (although I don’t know if it actually is lol), we visited the dentist. We hadn’t been since June of 2019, the first time we visited Cancun Dental Design.

Cancun Dental Design has various locations in the Hotel Zone, and does everything from general dentistry to dental implants. This time we were seen in the La Europea building where the U.S. Consular Office is also located.

Many of the patient rooms have a fantastic view.

dental implants Cancun

All of the employees are friendly, professional, and speak English. Prices are exponentially cheaper than in the U.S.

The first order of business was an x-ray of Bebé’s mouth. He has some funky stuff going on in there. He has some molars coming in, he has an extra tooth on the bottom in front, and in addition, this is happening…

adult teeth coming in behind baby teeth

… his baby teeth haven’t fallen out and the adult teeth are coming in above them. #vampire

The xray was easy, and took place in this little room with an awesome view of Nichupte Lagoon.

kids dentist Cancun

Unfortunately it was a little cloudy outside the day we went.

Next we met with the dentist.

dentist in Cancun

She checked his teeth (still no cavities, YAY) and we looked at his x-rays. I don’t know what it is about x-rays but I think they are super cool, expecially kids’ dental x-rays, because you can see the teeth that haven’t come in yet.

dental x-rays Cancun

The dentist said that at this time it was not necessary to pull any teeth, which we were both very happy to hear, and explained that he was still well within the correct age range to lose those teeth, using this diagram…

children's dentist Cancun

Very helpful! I asked if the adult vampire teeth would move into place when the others fell out and she said we’d have to wait and see. Something similar happened with one of his front teeth and it was fine so fingers crossed.

Then he got a cleaning…

teeth cleaning Cancun

… they took some photos…

dentists Cancun

… and he was good to go.

dental work Cancun

The dentist also taught him how to floss.

Next it was my turn. I have been super lucky with my teeth, no braces, no cavities, so I just got them whitened.

This was my view. Again, too bad it was cloudy!

teeth whitening Cancun

The first thing the technician did was place gauze in my mouth so she could put something on my gums to protect them.

She was just doing her job but I literally almost had a nervous breakdown. LOL I have a strange phobia about having any kind of fabric in my mouth. Seriously look how uncomfortable I look here. LOL

dental work Hotel Zone Cancun

When she took that out (What a relief!!!) it was time for the “mouth stretching thing” (that is my technical term for it). Obviously they have to be able to get to all your front teeth to do the whitening, so they use this enormous thing to keep your mouth nice and open.

dental work Mexico

It was almost as bad as the gauze. LOL (Damn I have nice teeth! Can you believe I never had braces?)

This time was a little different than the last time I had my teeth whitened. Instead of a light that hung above my face, the technician held a light over each tooth. A little less claustrophobic.

I was probably in the chair for one hour total. It was a little uncomfortable but sometimes, beauty is pain!

And now we both have healthy, clean, white teeth!

orthodontist Cancun

I am very happy with the care we received at Cancun Dental Specialists during both visits.

If you would like more information about Cancun Dental Specialists, visit their website https://www.cancundentalspecialists.com/ or contact them at:

Toll Free: 1 888 231 8041

Patient Care: 1 888 247 1263

Office: +52 998 313 0107


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